History & Background

History & Background

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TUNANETS Netting Industry & Trade Inc. has been established in the year 2004 at İstanbul Leather Organized Industrial Zone, aiming to supply nets for several end use purposes in both Turkish and International markets.

TUNANETS Netting Industry & Trade Inc. producing at a 3.000 m2 closed area, is one of the biggest manufacturer of nets with its assortment and capacity in Europe. We have 21 custom made brand new netting machines which are produced by Japanese Amita Machines.

Our company’s Chairman of the Board Mr. Necdet Özbilen's experience of manufacturing nets has started at the beginnig of the 1960’s. Mr. Necdet Özbilen is one of the founders of the first netting manufacturing factory in Turkey in 1963. He has been involved in every stage of this foundation together with the engineer of Amita Machines, Mr. Nabukatsu Kawai.

Products in several specifications manufactured by TUNANETS, made from Nylon multi or monofilament, polypropylene and polyethylene twines are being offered not only to fishing net market but also to other industrial markets such as agriculture, construction, sporting etc.

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